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Yes, welcome to our new site, a site for retro gamers, by retrogamers created by members of Abandonia. You can either jump straight into action and click on the button below, or you can continue reading the rest of this page for some more info.



Retro Legends will be a database containing as much info on games as we (and you) can find including screenshots, manuals, downloads, savegames, articles, reviews, general information, cheats, walkthroughs, etc. etc. Basically anything you'd want to know. For DOS and Windows games, you'll also be able to add compatibility information.


There are quite a few sites dedicated to classic games of yore so why make another? Because, these sites are all quite limited and few allow for direct input from the community. Right now, all the info on games is spread all over the Internet: from Mobygames to Wikipedia to some obscure sites and even old magazines!
Say you read about a game and want to read a bit more info. You come here, view a few screenshots, watch a Youtube clip, read a few reviews and if you decide to give it a go based on what you've see and read, you'll find a download link, a manual and a walkthrough or cheats on the same page! How much better can it get!?


This site is built on wiki-code meaning members can add new data to the site without having to go through moderators and administrators. All entries will be post-moderated of course to avoid abuse, but you'll be able to add anything you want on the fly without the hassle. The only thing you need to do, is make an account with Wikidot to do so.


So far, we have one game page ready as example of what it will look like:
Beneath A Steel Sky

The rest is still being set up so bear with us as we make the site ready for your input so keep an eye out for updates! If you want, you can already sign up to show your interest in this site by pressing the button below!

03 Dec 2009 17:01

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